Sigasi makes hardware design easier, more efficient and more fun.

Sigasi Premium

All features from Sigasi Pro, plus features that are specific to hardware design:

  • State Machine Viewer
  • Net Search
  • Block Diagram Viewer
  • Priority e-mail support

Great for corporate teams and hardware design experts.

Sigasi Pro

Best HDL Design environment on the planet, based on concepts from Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ.

  • Real-time error checker
  • VHDL Code browser
  • Faster design entry
  • Rename things across your project

Great for serious hardware designers.

Sigasi Starter Edition

All the power of that comes with Sigasi Pro, but limited to small projects.

  • All the features of Sigasi Pro
  • Project size limited to 32 kB
  • Free updates
  • Free of charge

Great for occasional work on small designs.

Educational Licenses

Students and college professors can get free educational licenses.

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