VHDL code browsing — code checking

VHDL design is difficult and complex. Sigasi is a design creation tool that
replaces your VHDL editor and helps you deal with this complexity.

  1. Focus on the important code
    Focus on the creative aspect of hardware design instead of the awkwardness of VHDL code.
  2. VHDL code browser
    Navigate through large designs and complex legacy code.
  3. Write better code
    Instant feedback about errors and warnings. Find errors before you even start your debugger or simulator.
  4. Enjoy a well designed User Interface
    High usability and built on the Eclipse framework.
Short overview in one minute

VHDL code browser

Navigate through your designs to understand large and complex legacy designs.

  • Hover your mouse to see datatypes and values
  • Jump to signal and constant declarations
  • Jump to instantiated entities
  • Jump to the state in finite state machine
  • Find out where a constant or signal is used
  • Find loads, drivers and signals in a net

Write better code

  • Code completion, based on where you are in the code
    includes component instantiation
  • Syntax checking while you are typing
  • Format/beautify your code consistently

Inspect and Navigate Graphically

  • State machines
  • Block diagrams

Eclipse Ecosystem

Sigasi is build on the Eclipse framework. This lets you create your custom workbench for your specific needs:

  • Industry standard
  • Complete freedom in project setup
  • Install plugins for other languages, version control, issue tracking, spell checking and much more…
Discover the different Sigasi versions: Premium — Pro — Starter Edition