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Sigasi HDT
All blog posts related to our product, Sigasi HDT: tips and tricks, howtos, feature discussions, ...
Jan on HDL design
Jan's blog about his personal views on HDL design.
Posts that will make you a better VHDL designer, regardless of the tools you use.
Developing for Eclipse
We develop on top of Eclipse, so we have some experience in this field. In this feed, we share some of this experience.

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How to avoid absolute (library) paths in your Sigasi Project files

Sigasi 2.21 introduced more default path variables. Read the first comment for more details.

In this blog post, I will describe how you can use path variables to avoid system dependent, absolute paths in your project files.

The default way to add a third party library (e.g. modelsim_lib) to your project is as follows:

  1. Add files to project
    • File > New > Folder
    • Advanced
    • Link to alternate location (Linked Folder)
    • Enter location.

Quickfix: add USE clause and LIBRARY clause for IEEE packages

VHDL State Machine Diagram

Sigasi Premium has a new and interactive State Machine Viewer. Updates while you type your code.

Eclipse Marker Manager

Did you ever want to suppress warnings in Eclipse? For Java, there is the @SuppressWarnings directive, but what to do for other programming languages?

Sigasi is planning a new Eclipse plugin, called the Eclipse Marker Manager, that helps you deal with Problem Markers (warnings and errors).