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Sigasi HDT
All blog posts related to our product, Sigasi HDT: tips and tricks, howtos, feature discussions, ...
Jan on HDL design
Jan's blog about his personal views on HDL design.
Posts that will make you a better VHDL designer, regardless of the tools you use.
Developing for Eclipse
We develop on top of Eclipse, so we have some experience in this field. In this feed, we share some of this experience.

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Eclipse Marker Manager

Did you ever want to suppress warnings in Eclipse? For Java, there is the @SuppressWarnings directive, but what to do for other programming languages?

Sigasi is planning a new Eclipse plugin, called the Eclipse Marker Manager, that helps you deal with Problem Markers (warnings and errors).

How much time is spent on writing documentation versus developing RTL code?

Estimation of time for technical documentation and software development

Estimating software development schedules is a skill. The programmer who is going to do the work can figure out what steps they will need to take to implement that feature. And only the programmer can estimate how long each one will take. The nature of software development is that things which seem simple are often surprisingly complicated when we think about all the details.

Why you need good documentation for your VHDL and Verilog code

In this blog series, guest blogger Smrita talks about the need for documentation for complex RTL designs.

In engineering, technical documentation refers to any type of documentation that describes handling, functionality and architecture of a technical product or a product under development or use. The intended recipient for product technical documentation is both the (proficient) end user as well as the administrator, service or maintenance technician.

UltraEdit key bindings for Eclipse

Sigasi has just released a new plugin for Eclipse: the UltraEdit Key Bindings

It is a keyboard scheme (like the well-known Emacs keyboard schema) that mimics the keyboard bindings of the popular UltraEdit editor. The plugin is released under the EPL license and is hosted on GitHub.

Use Sigasi as default VHDL editor in Xilinx Vivado

You can tell Xilinx Vivado to use Sigasi Pro instead of the built-in editor.

How to configure Sigasi as default VHDL editor in Xilinx Vivado?

  • Click Tools > Options > General
  • Select Custom Editor instead of Vivado Text Editor
  • If Sigasi Pro is on your PATH enter sigasi.exe [file name] +[line number] (Windows) or sigasi [file name] +[line number] (Linux).

    If Sigasi is not on your path, you should use the absolute path. (Note that if you specify an absolute path on Windows, you need to escape backslashes and spaces: e.g.