Belgian Eclipse Users Group Meeting at Sigasi was a great success!

Yesterday Sigasi hosted the third Belgian Eclipse User Group meeting. For the first time we reached a larger audience (I counted 23 attendees), so maybe we should have renamed it to the first real Belgian Eclipse User Group meeting...

Everybody was well on time and eager to meet other Belgian Eclipse users. I received a lot of compliments for bringing us all together to exchange experiences.

I started with a short introduction to present our (still a bit vague) mission and plans with this Users Group. I also took some time to have everybody introduce himself. Eclipse definitely has a very diverse user base.

Next I told Sigasi's story about how we are building our product on top of Eclipse. I saw a lot of confirming nods when I was relating about our difficulties and saw a lot of jealous faces when I bragged about our lava lamp alert system for our regression test server.

Next Jan Van de Poel introduced us the Jazz development framework. Ralph Müller couldn't resist expressing his disappointment in that Jazz is not really 'open'. Nevertheless everybody was impressed by the technology itself.

Finally Ralph presented us his random thoughts about the Eclipse eco-system. I did not know Eclipse was so business driven.

Afterward we had a few Belgian beers while we continued the discussion and talked about possible topics for future meetings. We definitely plan to organize a demo camp.

I met a lot of new interesting people, but unfortunately the evening was too short to talk to everyone in person. So I look eagerly forward to our next meeting.

Thanks Damien (Collibra) en Dieter (Inventive Designers) for co-organizing this event,