Eclipse Workbench Tutorial

Eclipse is used for a lot more than just hardware design. E.g. Java and C developers use the Eclipse workbench too. Most Sigasi tutorials and documentation focus on the hardware specific parts that Sigasi adds to Eclipse. This tutorial however, focuses on the basics of Eclipse: The Eclipse workbench.
This tutorial contains 6 lessons (about 15 minutes each) that get you started with the basic Eclipse functionality. You will learn how to organize, customize and use Eclipse and learn some useful keyboard shortcuts and other tips and tricks.

This tutorial is suited for both people who are new to Eclipse and for people who want to learn more. No prior experience with Eclipse is required. The tutorial uses Java as an example, but involves no programming. It is designed to be relevant for any language that is build on top of the Eclipse Workbench. The lessons guide you through each topic step-by-step, explaining each step as we go. The tutorial is based on Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) while Sigasi is based on Eclipse 3.7. So while some details might have slightly changed, the idea’s remain relevant.

Tutorials were written and recorded by Mark Dexter. They were originally shared on Sourceforge and mirrored on this site for your convencience.

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