Second Belgian Eclipse User Group meeting

Yesterday I drove to Antwerp for the second Belgian Eclipse Community meeting. The enthusiastic welcoming made me soon forget my traffic jam frustrations. While enjoying a few tasty sandwiches and exquisite wraps, I met a few new people.

Erik of Inventive Designers gave the first talk about his experiences with the new P2 update system for their Scriptura tool. It was interesting to hear how he had jumped through a lot of hoops to get the update system working. I'm glad we do not have to support so many different versions as they have. Nevertheless, I recognized a lot of Erik's frustrations with P2.

It was a nice interactive presentation. I should check out the development plan of P2 ( And we should definitely also develop such a fancy installer as for Scriptura.

Next Stijn presented his experiences with the first beta release of Collibra Studio. It is interesting to hear how everybody encounters the same problems: How to streamline the build and release? How to profile an RCP application? What tools to use to write documentation?

After exchanging experiences with useful plug-ins and tools, we scheduled a next meeting. Without a message to the contrary, we meet again September 1st at our office in Gent. We also agreed that we should be present at Devoxx later this year.

Thanks to Dieter and Erik for being such wonderful hosts.