Sigasi Studio XL advanced features


Stop wasting time on outdated documentation! With this add-on all it takes is one push of a button and you will generate complete state machine diagrams or block diagrams. Something that normally can take up to 4 hours per drawing.

But there is more! Our Premium Documentation Generator creates a PDF with all the relevant information from your project. Information will not be duplicated, so it is always consistent. Documentation is kept up-to-date automatically. And text for documentation can be written as inline comments in the code.

Product Overview


Sigasi Studio Starter

Simply a great VHDL and SystemVerilog editor. Enter the world of professional hardware design free of charge!


  • Aiming to be the best SystemVerilog and VHDL editor
    in the world.

  • Check errors while you type

    Code formatter

    Navigate inside your file

    Code templates and autocomplete

    Selected lint rules
    Requires internet access


Sigasi Studio Creator

The go-to design entry tool
and code browser for all your
VHDL and SystemVerilog


  • Everything from Sigasi
    Studio Starter, plus:

  • No Sigasi Talkback or network required

    SystemVerilog or VHDL projects

    Project based: all files are linked

    Navigate, search & rename project wide

    Selected lint rules:
    Sensitivity list
    Unused signals

    Fits industry standard simulators


Sigasi Studio

Our most popular product.
All the features of Creator but
even more powerful with
extended features.


  • Everything from Sigasi
    Studio Creator, plus:

  • Advanced linting

    Net Search

    Project Hierarchy

    Mixed language projects +addons

    Integration with Lint and Formal checkers


Sigasi Studio
XL Doc

With no effort at all You'll
generate state machine or
block diagrams
, and create a
PDF with all the relevant info.


  • Everything from Sigasi
    Studio XL, plus:

  • Interactive Diagrams:
    State Machine Diagrams
    Block Diagrams

    Documentation Generator:
    Export PDF
    Export DocBook XML