Sigasi’s Features Matrix

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Feature Sigasi Studio Starter Sigasi Studio Creator Sigasi Studio XL Sigasi Studio XL Doc
Great code editor
Syntax Validation
Format VHDL code (predefined) (predefined) (configurable) (configurable)
Rename elements
Find references
Basic Validation
Integrates with simulator
Extra Validation (Advanced linting) (VHDL)
Net Search (VHDL)
Mixed Language (VHDL + SystemVerilog)
Integrates with linter
Offline updates
Block Diagram (VHDL)
State Machine Diagram (VHDL)
Generate PDF Documentation (VHDL)

Sigasi Studio XL advanced features


Most of our customers use their own coding style guides for writing VHDL RTL code. Team leaders often feel that in doing this, they are losing valuable time discussing trivial coding issues.

Fortunately, Sigasi Studio offers  your coding style rules as interactive linting rules. Sigasi Studio can flag coding style violations in real-time, much like built-in spell checkers. Fixing violations will only takes seconds.

If you need additional rules, we can implement your company’s coding rules as a custom project.


Stop wasting time on outdated documentation! With this add-on all it takes is one push of a button and you will generate complete state machine diagrams or block diagrams. Something that normally can take up to 4 hours per drawing.

But there is more! Our Premium Documentation Generator creates a PDF with all the relevant information from your project. Information will not be duplicated, so it is always consistent. Documentation is kept up-to-date automatically. And text for documentation can be written as inline comments in the code.