Sigasi Engineering and Consulting

The software engineering team that built the popular Sigasi Eclipse VHDL editor is now available for consultancy and training. The core competences are focused around three pillars, from specific to more general: (1) Sigasi VHDL add-ons, (2) Eclipse plug-ins and (3) software project methodology.

Sigasi VHDL add-ons

If you are using the Sigasi VHDL Eclipse plug-in, and you want specific additional features, we are here to help you. We can develop custom add-ons, including:

Sigasi has a strong knowledge of Model Driven Development and Domain Specific Languages. If you are developing your own proprietary computer language, Sigasi can help build a top quality IDE for that language at low cost.

  • Xtext, ANTLR, StringTemplate
  • EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework)

Development of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)

The Sigasi engineering team can help with all your issues related to development of Eclipse Plugins. We can help you in setting up and improving your Eclipse plugin projects. Key technologies include:

  • Java, Groovy and Scala
  • P2 update system
  • Build automation: PDE-build, Tycho
  • Target management (building for several target platforms)
  • Dependency injection (Google Guice)
  • Documentation generation
  • RCP (Rich Client Platform)

Project methodology

We can review your project methodology, including tests, automated build infrastructure and quality assurance process. Our software engineering experts can assist in choosing and deploying development tools.
Key technologies and methodologies include:

  • Build automation (Makefile, ANT, Maven, Tycho, PDE-build)
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) and test automation
  • Continuous integration (including Hudson, Apache Continuum)
  • Version control systems and policies: CVS, Subversion (SVN), Git, Mercurial (Hg)
  • Development setup
  • Performance profiling
  • Code quality metrics

Please contact us for further information.