Sigasi Engineering and Consulting

The software engineering team that built the popular Sigasi Eclipse VHDL editor is now available for consultancy and training.

  1. Sigasi VHDL add-ons,
  2. Eclipse plug-ins,
  3. Training.

Sigasi VHDL add-ons

If you are using the Sigasi VHDL Eclipse plug-in, and you want specific additional features, we are here to help you. We can develop custom add-ons, including:

Development of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)

Sigasi has a strong knowledge of Model Driven Development and Domain Specific Languages. If you are developing your own proprietary computer language, Sigasi can help build a top quality IDE for that language at low cost.

  • Xtext, ANTLR, Java
  • EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework)
  • Eclipse technologies: RCP (Rich Client Platform), P2 update system, Target management (building for several target platforms)
  • Build automation: PDE-build, Tycho
  • Continuous integration (Hudson, Jenkins , Continuum)


There are several ways in which we can help train your team:

  • Basic training for Sigasi Pro or Sigasi Premium
  • How to use Sigasi tools for code reviews
  • Organized at different locations worldwide or on your site
  • Review and update your in-house training material

Learn about training opportunities