Sigasi Pro vs Starter Edition

The Sigasi Starter Edition has two modes. If the total size of your VHDL files is small enough, all features from Sigasi Pro will be available. For larger projects, the Starter Edition will work in Baseline Mode.

Feature Documentation Video Starter Edition Starter Edition Pro
Baseline Mode Full Mode
Standard Features
Block select doc video
Duplicate lines video
Move lines video
Configure key bindings
Emacs emulation mode doc
Vi emulation mode (separate plugin) doc
Display white space doc
Remove trailing white space doc
Customize color preferences
Multiple screen support
Full screen view
Split screen editing video
Side-by-side diff for: video
– Previous versions (local history or version control)
– Comparing two files
VHDL Editing
Block comment / uncomment
Structured select video
Supports VHDL 93, including:
– Configurations
– Libraries
Type-time error marking
File outline view
Mouse-over pop up (hover) shows:
– Declaration
– Comments near the declaration
– Value of constants
– Semantic highlighting
– Convert bin/hex/decimal literals video
Quick outline
Context-sensitive auto complete
Project interdependecies
Flexible project organizer
Wide set of code templates
Generate component declaration from entity
View and edit VHDL files without setting up a project video
View and edit VHDL projects
Outline view
Go to declaration
within a file
Find references
Open "when" clause in state machines video
Hierarchy view
Generics view doc video
Mark deprecated libraries
Mark unused libraries
Mark redundant "others" in case statement doc
Mark null ranges doc
Naming conventions
Enforce file header comments
Allowed and deprecated datatypes
Other coding conventions
Tool Integration
Hook to custom scripts doc
Altera Quartus II integration doc video
Aldec Riviera-PRO as external compiler doc video
Mentor ModelSim / QuestaSim as external compiler doc
Xilinx ISim as external compiler doc video
Revision Control
Local history video
CVS (extra plug-in) doc
Subversion (extra plug-in) doc
Mercurial (extra plug-in) doc
GIT (extra plug-in) doc
Clearcase (extra plug-in) doc
(much more, as extra plug-ins) doc
Local installation without administrative privileges or centralized installation
Built-in online update tool doc
User-locked or floating license mechanism
Stand-alone or as an Eclipse plugin