Sigasi Starter Edition: Forever Free

Sigasi Starter Edition

Download Sigasi for VHDL
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Starter Edition

The Sigasi Starter Edition has two modes:

Full Mode

If the total size of your VHDL files is small enough (i.e. less than 32 kB), all features from Sigasi Pro will be available.

Baseline Mode

For larger projects, the Starter Edition will work in Baseline Mode. In Baseline Mode, some VHDL features are disabled. You can find the full list of features in the Sigasi Pro feature Matrix. While you will surely miss these features, Sigasi Baseline remains an unrivaled powerful VHDL editor.

How large is my design?

You can easily track the size of your HDL projects with the codometer. If your workspace is small, the codometer is green. If you get close to the limit it turns yellow. If your workspace contains more than 32 kB it turns red and the advanced feature are disabled.


  • Sigasi Starter Edition is free. Forever.
  • Sigasi Educational licenses are free too. Learn more
  • Sigasi Pro requires a license fee. Check the pricing information.
  • Sigasi Premium is our flagship product. [learn about Sigasi Premium]