hdt-1.0, hdt-2.0

How to avoid absolute (library) paths in your Sigasi Project files

Sigasi 2.21 introduced more default path variables. Read the first comment for more details.

In this blog post, I will describe how you can use path variables to avoid system dependent, absolute paths in your project files.

The default way to add a third party library (e.g. modelsim_lib) to your project is as follows:

  1. Add files to project
    • File > New > Folder
    • Advanced
    • Link to alternate location (Linked Folder)
    • Enter location.

Scripting Sigasi project creation

When you start using Sigasi, the first thing you have to do is set up a Sigasi project. This consists of two steps: (1) selecting the VHDL files that you want in your project and (2) configuring in which VHDL library these files must be mapped. In most cases you already have this information in one form or another.

Call for feedback: A new way to compile Sigasi/Eclipse project dependencies with an External Compiler

Sigasi allows you to split your design in multiple projects. This is an efficient way to deal with with big designs.

Using VHDL2008 fixed point package in Sigasi

The IEEE VHDL 2008 fixed point package is currently not included in the Common Libraries of Sigasi (VHDL 2008) projects.

Sigasi 2.9 Preview

The upcoming Sigasi 2.9 will contain a brand new scoping framework. This scoping framework is core functionality of Sigasi that links identifiers with the correct declaration. In the older versions, we had some problems with "overloadable" names and record element names. This made it very hard to fix certain bugs (such as ticket 1196 and ticket 1650).