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Eclipse Marker Manager

Did you ever want to suppress warnings in Eclipse? For Java, there is the @SuppressWarnings directive, but what to do for other programming languages?

Sigasi is planning a new Eclipse plugin, called the Eclipse Marker Manager, that helps you deal with Problem Markers (warnings and errors).

UltraEdit key bindings for Eclipse

Sigasi has just released a new plugin for Eclipse: the UltraEdit Key Bindings

It is a keyboard scheme (like the well-known Emacs keyboard schema) that mimics the keyboard bindings of the popular UltraEdit editor. The plugin is released under the EPL license and is hosted on GitHub.

VHDL generation from Yakindu state charts with Xtend

Last month I was introduced to Yakindu, an open-source-toolkit for model-driven development of embedded systems. One component of the Yakindu toolkit supports the graphical development of finite-state machines: the Yakindu Statechart Tools (SCT). Although I'm personally rather skeptical to graphical development tools and prefer textual entry with visualization, the Yakindu Statechart Tools seemed really powerful. For example, SCT supports hierarchical states, parallel states, …

Creating e-books with Eclipse

In November last year, I attended a very interesting session of Torkild Resheim about creating e-books in Eclipse at EclipseCon Europe in Nuremburg. Torkild demonstrated a new plugin he developed that converts wiki markup files into e-books. I intended to try this as soon as I got home from the conference.

Xtext resource caching: loading resources 5 times faster

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it (George Santayana). I've always felt ambivalent about that quote. History never ever repeats itself exactly. In computer science on the other hand, it applies very well. In all our collective software applications, we recalculate the same results time and time again and are therefore faced with constant question to remember or not to remember. In this blog series, I'm going to talk about a cache for Xtext resources that we've developed over the past year.