Sigasi as VHDL teaching tool

  • Used by students and professors in hundreds of universities
  • Free of charge, for teaching and learning VHDL.
  • Shortens the feedback cycle = faster learning
  • Sigasi catches trivial errors
  • Professors can focus on teaching the concepts of hardware design.

See a short slide show about the future of teaching VHDL.

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Free Educational Licenses



Internships and Thesis Proposals

Sigasi regularly offers internships and thesis subjects for engineering students.

How to apply

Sigasi is a company that operates on the bleeding edge of technology. We build and market an intelligent development environment for the VHDL hardware design language, much like Visual Studio and Eclipse for software languages.

We have a team of the brightest engineers, and we are looking for bright and motivated students. If you are interested in one of the projects, get in touch.


We have a list of subjects to choose from or you can suggest your own.