Sigasi 2.0.1

Sigasi 2.0.1

Today's Sigasi 2.0.1 brings several improvements:

  • More VHDL error checks
  • Interactive linting
  • Semantic highlighting of constants
  • Show value of constants in hover
  • Bug fixes

More VHDL error checks

In addition to the purely syntactical errors, Sigasi now reports errors that require a deeper VHDL analysis:

  • Unconnected ports
  • Duplicate architectures
  • Required labels for statements
  • Incorrect aggregates
  • Incorrect alternatives and choices in case statements
  • Subprogram headers/bodies (in package/package body)
  • Incorrect use of variable and signal assignment operators (':=' instead of '<=' and vice versa)
  • Duplicate configurations
  • Duplicates in configurations
  • Omissions in the sensitivity list of processes or missing wait statements inside processes
  • Whitespace between value and physical unit

Interactive Linting

Gone are the days that you are warned late in your design flow by an old school linting tool about suspicious code.
Sigasi now performs linting checks for suspicious code while you type. So you will never have to debug for typical VHDL mistakes anymore.

Sigasi's interactive lintings:

  • Null range check
  • Superfluous others choice in case statements

Read more about Sigasi's linting checks in this blog post
Null rangeNull range

Bug fixes

  • Several bugs in the library mapping UI
  • Formatting for assignments is ugly
  • Formatting of entity/component instantiations (autocomplete)
  • Open file from command line is broken on Linux
  • Content-assist becomes slow in big projects
  • Clean up comments in packages of common VHDL libraries
  • New project is not built when project name contains spaces
  • Offer to switch to VHDL perspective after creating a VHDL project
  • Sigasi 2.0 is shipped with incorrect readme file
  • Remove the (optional) label from auto-complete templates (You might have to restore the default templates to see this change)
  • Do not show bug-reporter for Eclipse (non-Sigasi) errors


If you have Sigasi 2.0 installed, you can perform an update (see the FAQ for more information on updates).

You can also download a fresh copy via:

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