Sigasi 2.0.2

We are working hard towards the upcoming Sigasi 2.0 Pro release. The focus is on performance now. This release contains a lot of preparations for dealing with large VHDL projects.

Other improvements:

  • Better autocomplete for library clauses
  • The list of contexts for autocomplete is now limited to a reasonable set
  • Syntax highlighting in the template editor
  • Syntax highlighting in the compare viewer

Syntax highlighting in the compare viewSyntax highlighting in the compare view

Bug fixes

  • ticket:1649: Case statement test should be case insensitive
  • ticket:1658: Do not show problem markers in common libraries
  • ticket:1658: Empty project wizards should not add tutorial files
  • ticket:1524: The library mapper can now deal with project dependencies

Possible problems with other Eclipse plugins

To achieve good performance for large VHDL projects, we have implemented some enhancements to the underlying Eclipse-Xtext framework. Some of these changes are not in the official release of Xtext yet. This can influence the behavior of other Eclipse plugins that depend on the Xtext framework. For now, we recommend not to mix the Sigasi plugin with other plugins that use Xtext.


If you have Sigasi 2.0 installed, you can perform an update (see the FAQ for more information on updates).

You can also download a fresh copy via:

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