Internship: Develop an IDE for hardware design

Internship: Develop an IDE for hardware design
2018-11-08 Bart Brosens

Sigasi internship proposal 2018-2019

Develop an IDE for hardware design

  • Skills: Java
  • Target audience: computer science engineers, electronics engineers, master of informatics

Sigasi Studio is a world class IDE for both Verilog and VHDL built on top of Eclipse and XText.  The IDE comes with all the trimmings of a modern development environment like navigation, refactoring, syntax checking, documentation generation, graphical design views …

As you can guess, Sigasi Studio keeps evolving: we are refining our SystemVerilog support, improving documentation generation, investigating support for Emacs and Vi …  

This is your opportunity to participate in the development of a real, commercial product and have a profound impact on the user experience.  You will be working, deeply embedded in the actual core development team, on all parts of Sigasi Studio: testing, UI design, performance evaluation, usability studies …  

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This internship takes place in 2019, at the Sigasi office, near the city center of Gent. For more information about this internship proposal, e-mail [email protected].