We’re Sigasi

SigasiĀ® is the company redefining HDL creation, integration, and validation in the design specification world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pioneer a new era of chip development, prioritizing user experience and unwavering design integrity, empowering hardware designers to achieve excellence in HDL creation, integration, and validation.

Our driving force is the shift-left principle: instilling the importance of catching potential errors and issues in specifications at the front-end of the design cycle. Shifting left prevents costly mistakes and makes hardware design more efficient from the start.

HDL has long been created by talented designers writing code in simple environments, which they then need to slowly check manually, or rely on teams further down the line to point out errors. Sigasi is here to improve this laborious hardware design workflow.

Why not create HDL specifications much more smoothly, integrate various time-saving methodologies and tools into the work, and validate code before it throws monkey wrenches into the manufacturing process? Sigasi makes all of this entirely possible.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dieter Therssen


Dirk Seynhaeve

VP Business Development

Marc Rummens

VP Sales

Mark Christiaens

VP Operations

Lieven Lemiengre

VP Product Management

Hilde Pelfrene

Head of Corporate Services


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