Why the world needed Sigasi?

We’ve started Sigasi in 2008 because we were frustrated with Emacs and Vim. We felt a need for new and better tools for professional VHDL design, akin to well-known IDEs like Eclipse and Visual Studio. We thought that the power of these IDEs should be available to hardware designers too.

In 2009, we released our tool “Sigasi HDT”. Since then, our product has grown and matured into “Sigasi Studio” – sold worldwide to industry leaders in medical, telecom, automotive, defense and aerospace.
— Philippe and Hendrik, founders


Philippe Faes – PhD, Ghent University. Co-founder and strategic advisor

Computer science engineer, fond of technology since childhood, tinkering with his Commodore 64 computer, with Lego robots and —at age 17— getting his HAM radio license. He spent the following year in Portland, Oregon, during which he received the American Chemical Society’s ‘best student of the year’-award.

After returning to Belgium, he started engineering studies at Ghent University, where he graduated as a Computer Science Engineer. From 2003 to 2007, he conducted his doctoral research at the Department of Electronics and Information Systems at the same university. Philippe holds a black belt in aikidō and enjoys teaching programming skills to grade schoolers.



Hendrik Eeckhaut – PhD, Ghent University. Co-founder and CTO of Sigasi

Hendrik Eeckhaut was always passionate about computers. When he was not breaking or fixing them, he was playing with his Legos or outside in the mud.

He started his engineering studies in 1996 at Ghent University and got his master degree in Computer Science. He performed research on artificial intelligence and on design methodology for scalable video codecs, for which he received his PhD in Computer Science Engineering in 2008. Find Hendrik on ResearchGate.net, with 29 publications and 144 citations.

In his downtime Hendrik enjoys Belgian beers and the outdoors: cycling, running or working on his boulder climbing skills.


Joan Ceuterick
Chairman of the board
Ms Degree, University of Leuven 

Joan Ceuterick has been working with Sigasi since 2010 and has taken the office of Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2014.

He has over twenty years of experience in marketing and sales and over a decade of experience in a high-tech start-up environment. He has extensive experience in and knowledge of the semiconductor industry.

Jan Decaluwe
Special Advisor to the Board of Directors
M.Sc Engineering, KU Leuven 

Jan Decaluwe is an electronic engineering professional slash entrepreneur. In 1991 he co-founded Easics, a company that pioneered VHDL-based hardware design and continues to be a competence center in digital hardware design.

As the creator of MyHDL, that turns Python into a hardware description and verification language, Jan provided hardware engineers with unprecedented power. For Jan, Sigasi Studio is the way forward for HDL-based design.


Lieven Lemiengre
Chief R&D Engineer
M. Sc Engineering, Ghent University 

Lieven has built much of the internals of Sigasi Studio. He is an expert on Xtext, the framework on which the Sigasi Studio compiler is built.

Lieven is a regular speaker at international conferences about Eclipse and Xtext, for which he contributed both wild and crazy ideas and down-to-earth code patches. He also serves on the IEEE VHDL standardization committee, where he is working on defining the next version of the VHDL language.