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  • Professors can fill out this form to request a set of floating educational licenses for Sigasi Studio XPRT for 1 year.
  • We define educational use as: “learning and teaching digital design”. If you need a license for your research project, please contact us for an appropriate price quote.


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I will use the licenses for educational purposes only, and the license server will only be accessible inside my university. Sigasi will not charge any license fee for these educational licenses. In return Sigasi is allowed to use the name and logo of my University (or College) in its marketing communication.

Sigasi Studio as a HDL learning and teaching tool

  • Used by students and professors in hundreds of universities
  • Free of charge, for teaching and learning VHDL and SystemVerilog
  • Shortens the feedback cycle = faster learning
  • Sigasi Studio catches trivial errors
  • Professors can focus on teaching the concepts of hardware design

Universities where Sigasi Studio is used for learning and teaching