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Sigasi develops a suite of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that make chip designers more productive. In our portfolio we offer two IDEs, both focused on VHDL and SystemVerilog: one based on the Eclipse platform, one based on Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

In 2022, we leveraged the VS Code plugin to bring Sigasi to the browser as Sigasi Online. We can now offer user trials of Sigasi without the need to install anything, and customers can deploy their own Sigasi Online servers to create development environments for their hardware designers on the fly.

Missing from Sigasi Online, however, are the integrations with hardware simulators built into Sigasi Studio for Eclipse and VS Code. These simulators are an integral part of hardware development since they allow the designer to test their designs and verify whether they work correctly.

These integrations spawn processes typically installed on the system running Sigasi Studio, which is a remote server for Sigasi Online. In this internship, you will investigate how we can integrate simulators into Sigasi Online.