Expose a VHDL & Verilog editor via the web

Sigasi internship proposal 2021 - 2022

  • Skills: Java
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Sigasi develops integrated development environments (IDEs) that make chip designers more productive. In our portfolio we offer two IDEs, both focused on VHDL and SystemVerilog: one based on the Eclipse platform, one based on Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

Recently, the VS Code team has developed a version of their editor for the web. This allows users to browse and develop code without downloading or setting up an application on their machines.

This brings new opportunities for extension developers, like us, specifically the opportunity to showcase the great potential of our VS Code extension. Hopefully, you will be helping us with that last part.

Besides our two existing IDEs for VHDL and SystemVerilog, we’re planning to create a third, this time based on the new web editor technology. This might be a completely new implementation, or reuse the VS Code extension. In any case, it will give us the opportunity to showcase our product on the web such that people can easily play around with it and see its power in action.

For this internship you’ll

  • Investigate VS Code on the web
  • Explore alternatives such as Monaco and Theia
  • Integrate the preferred editor into our website and couple it to our VHDL & SystemVerilog infrastructure
  • Possibly kickstart Sigasi on the web as a standalone product!

You will join the core engineering team of Sigasi and participate in the day-to-day development. You’ll join the scrum team, your code will be a first-class citizen and go through the standard review cycle and eventually have a real impact on our product.

This internship takes place in 2022, at the Sigasi office, near the city center of Ghent, Belgium. For more information about this internship proposal, e-mail careers@sigasi.com.

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