Integrated tooling for customer support

Sigasi internship proposal 2020-2021

  • Skills: Java
  • Target audience: master computer science, master informatics

Sigasi develops tools that make chip designers more productive. In our portfolio we have:

  • an IDE for VHDL and (System)Verilog based on Eclipse
  • a VS Code plugin
  • an SDK that allows 3rd parties to extend their own products with VHDL and (System)Verilog support

In general, we aim to make our products extremely easy to use. We believe that customers can be productive in a matter of hours without even consulting the manual.

Despite our efforts, from time-to-time, customers are confronted with unexpected problems. In that case, we have an excellent support team that helps the customers past the hurdles they are facing. Even in this situation, we want the interaction between the customers and the support team to be seamless; that’s the focus of this internship.

In this internship, you will expand our product offering with tools that are focused on improving the support experience:

  • Our products are highly multi-threaded. This allows us to extract every ounce of performance from modern multi-core machines. This comes at a price. From time to time we run into deadlock scenarios. A great tool to identify the cause of deadlocks is simply obtaining stack traces of all running threads. You’ll write integrated support to obtain these stack traces and upload them to our servers.
  • Responsiveness of our products is crucial: a user editing a chip-design typically wants response times from the editor in the order of 100 ms or less. But sometimes we fail to identify a source of slowdown. You will integrate a profiling library (YourKit) into our product offering. With a single click of a button, the customer will be able to start a profiling session, illustrating the source of the slowdown in the product and then upload the gathered profile to our servers.

You will join the core engineering team of Sigasi and participate in the day-to-day development. You’ll join the scrum team, your code will go through the standard review cycle and will eventually have a real impact on our product.

This internship takes place in 2021, at the Sigasi office, close to the city center of Ghent. For more information about this internship proposal, contact