Tiered Sigasi Build Cache

Sigasi internship proposal 2021 - 2022

  • Skills: Java
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Sigasi develops tools that make chip designers more productive. In our portfolio we offer two editor tools:

  • an IDE for VHDL and (System)Verilog based on Eclipse
  • a VS Code plugin

High performance and low latency is a key feature of all Sigasi products since these are crucial to the productivity of an engineer. We believe that fast response times are strictly necessary when working with any kind of tool.

Both the Eclipse based IDE Sigasi Studio and the VS Code plugin come with a local caching infrastructure to avoid unnecessary computation for the same set of inputs. Oftentimes the results have been computed before and can just be served from the cache. To improve the cache hit ratio, we want to expand this mechanism to a multi-tiered cache infrastructure. It will be capable of sharing computation results across different projects, workspaces and even machines and users.

The primary goal of the internship project is to develop the tiered caching service. Based on existing and robust cache implementations, you will work on the end-to-end feature that will lead to lower latency and increased user satisfaction due to faster response times of our products. You will:

  • Explore cache solutions that are available for other use cases, e.g. build tools like Gradle or Bazel
  • Analyse existing caching libraries and communication protocols for tiered caching
  • Help to choose the best of breed technologies and integrate them into the Sigasi Product family
  • Ensure secure communication between the cache services and the user’s development environment
  • Work on monitoring facilities for the cache and a strategy to collect reliable statistics
  • Create measurements to validate the solution compared to the raw behavior without caching

You will join the core engineering team of Sigasi and participate in the day-to-day development. You’ll join the scrum team, your code will be a first-class citizen and go through the standard review cycle and eventually have a real impact on our product.

This internship takes place in 2022, at the Sigasi office, near the city center of Ghent, Belgium. For more information about this internship proposal, e-mail careers@sigasi.com.

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