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Use the button below and fill out the form to request your Free Sigasi License.

If you’re looking to request a quote or to buy a license online, please refer to this page or send an email to instead.

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Commercial Evaluations

To start your free one-month trial license, fill out the form to request a commercial evaluation license.

You will receive a free trial license for our fully-featured product Sigasi Studio XPRT. Indicate in the form whether you wish to receive a single node-locked evaluation license or whether your colleagues also want to try Sigasi. In the latter case you’ll receive a number of floating licenses for use with your entire team and you will need to configure a license server.

Educational licenses

Students and instructors can get a free license for educational purposes. We define educational use as: “learning and teaching digital design” in the context of a college or university. If you need a license for your research project, please contact us for an appropriate price quote.

Educational licenses are subject to the use of the talkback feature. If you are unable to use this feature, please contact us for a solution.

Students and instructors can fill out this form to request a free 6 month educational license for Sigasi Studio XPRT. The license can be renewed as long as you are studying or teaching.

Instructors can also request a set of floating Sigasi Studio XPRT licenses for classroom use. The license is valid for 1 year and can be renewed.

Use Sigasi Studio with Open Hardware Licensed projects

Sigasi supports the open source community. After all, without open source projects like Eclipse, there would be no Sigasi Studio.

We contribute back to some of the open source software projects we’re using ourselves. Since Sigasi targets hardware development, we also want to empower developers working on open source hardware projects.

Are you an individual contributor of a publicly available project that is licensed under an open-source license like the CERN Open Hardware License V2 (OHL)? Then you can use Sigasi Studio XPRT - with talkback enabled - for free on this project. Apply for your free license through the form below. Don’t forget to add a link to where we can find your project. We’ll have a look at your project before approving your license request.