Mission Statement

Where design meets verification, It’s our core business.

At Sigasi, we make it possible for chip designers in the medical, telecom, automotive, defence, and aerospace fields to achieve their full potential. Their chips enable life saving devices, power new technologies, and digitize our world in revolutionary ways. And it all starts with the powerful Integrated Development Environments we provide.

Whether your team uses VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, or a mix of these languages, we’re here to help. We provide everything from basic editing features like block selection and syntax highlights to advanced features like autocompletes, code navigation, and linting. After all, your goal is to design as efficiently as possible, isn’t it?

At Sigasi, whether you’re using our Studio for Eclipse or VS Code, or your team collaborates using our comprehensive Veresta system, we give you instant feedback in real time. No waiting for a full linting process first, no having to run a full check before you get alerts about possible errors or issues. We verify your code upfront, even as you type it.

Our powerful verification products are designed by an experienced and professional team of engineers, with support from our dedicated application engineers, who also offer extensive and personal support to our users. Rounding out the team are our awesome sales, marketing, and HR professionals.

You design. We verify. Let’s keep moving!