Announced in May, SVH Has Landed!

Sigasi Visual HDL 2024.1 Is Here

Sigasi Visual HDL Available for Download

In May 2024, Sigasi announced a new comprehensive portfolio design to help hardware designers and verification engineers catch specification errors earlier in the chip design cycle and fix the inefficient HDL-based design flow. That portfolio, Sigasi® Visual HDL™ (SVH™) is now available to download from the VS Code marketplace!

SVH 2024.1 introduces tiered commercial editions that build seamlessly on each other’s features:

  • Designer Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Check out their features in more detail here.

We’re also introducing you to SAL, our brand-new AI chatbot. Use an OpenAI API or a local model trained on your own data to ask SAL to generate code or even explain code in your project. In terms of new features, SVH 2024.1 brings you team-focused Libraries and Toolchains configuration, extensive improvements to autocomplete, and the Libraries View.

SVH also features a new, non-commercial, fully-featured Community Edition, a super accessible way to work on HDL and RTL code without a license. Students in particular will benefit from no longer needing to request a special license.

Read the full release notes for SVH 2024.1 here.

a screenshot of SVH open in VS Code with diagrams and the AI chatbot open