Educational XPRT Program

Why shouldn’t students and professors have the best tools ?

Sigasi Studio is the best tool for teaching and learning VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog. Students and professors have been telling us this for years now.

Sigasi Studio shortens the feedback cycle, students learn faster, trivial errors are avoided and educators can focus on teaching the concepts of hardware design while Sigasi Studio assists to write correct syntax and code.

We too, at Sigasi, have been students not that longtime ago. That is why, since our first release in 2008, we have always offered our educational licenses free of charge. We helped 1200+ educational institutions and sent out 5000+ educational licenses. Sigasi Studio is a must-have tool for all modern-day digital designers.

A new Educational Program: everybody can be an XPRT now !

We believe that students should get the best start in digital design and use the best tools during their education. Therefore, we decided to upgrade our Educational Program. As of September 2019, Sigasi provides Sigasi Studio XPRT to all students and professors who join our Educational Program, free of charge. We hope that this will help students aim higher and become our next generation of technological inventors.

All that functionality at your fingertips

Individual students, professors and classrooms will now have all the features of Sigasi Studio XPRT available to them on PC, Mac or Linux. All you have to do is apply for your educational license.

Sigasi Studio dark theme
Everybody knows the basic functions such as error checking, autocomplete and fast navigation, and will now also be able to work with:

  • Mixed language projects
  • Advanced linting
  • Net Search
  • Integration with external tools
  • Powerful visual feedback tools
  • Visualisation of your HDL code

Let us learn from you

For educational licenses, talkback will be enabled. This is a Sigasi Studio service that automatically collects metadata about how Sigasi Studio is used. This metadata is sent to Sigasi through a secure connection. This will let us determine which features are heavily used and helps in planning which kind of features are valuable for you as Sigasi Studio user, so that we can adjust our product roadmap. We collect performance statistics, that we can relate to the project sizes. Together with our in-house performance tests, this helps us keep the Sigasi Studio compiler and user interface fast. We reduce software errors by collecting incident reports from a wide range of use cases.

Sigasi uses the information transmitted by Talkback for product planning and development. We use it for deciding which features to focus on and improve, for finding and fixing bugs and for finding and fixing performance issues. The end result is that you can use an ever-improving Sigasi Studio.

Request your educational license

You can visit this page to directly access the request form. Students will receive a 6 month node-locked license, professors will receive a 1 year node-locked license. For classrooms, you will receive a floating license for 1 year. After your license expires and if you’re still learning or teaching, you’re welcome to request a new license.

Please complete all fields and use an email that is linked to an educational institution. One of our colleagues will be happy to approve your request.

Our educational program is for learning and teaching only. For academic research, we have a special pricing, contact us for more information.