Engineers or Their Tools: Which Is Responsible For Finding Bugs?

Sigasi takes part in “Experts at the Table” hosted by Semiconductor Engineering

Sigasi’s VP for Business Development, Dirk Seynhaeve, took part in a titilating discussion recently hosted by Semiconductor Engineering. The topic at hand: Finding and eliminating bugs at the source.

From the Article

Experts at the table: Finding and eliminating bugs at the source can be painstaking work, but it can prevent bigger problems later in the design flow, when they are more difficult and expensive to fix. Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss these issues with Ashish Darbari, CEO at Axiomise; Ziyad Hanna, corporate vice president R&D at Cadence; Jim Henson, ASIC verification software product manager at Siemens EDA; Dirk Seynhaeve, vice president of business development at Sigasi; Simon Davidmann, formerly CEO of Imperas Software (since acquired by Synopsys) and Manish Pandey, fellow and vice president R&D at Synopsys.

headshots of the participants in the panel discussion

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