Find Us At the FPGA Conference 2023

FPGA Conference 2023

4 - 6 July, 2023, Munich, Germany

As summer starts, you can find Sigasi at the FPGA Conference!

FPGA Conference FPGAs have made a regular evolutional leap forward in terms of new approaches and solutions for both hardware- and software developers.

The FPGA Conference Europe, organized by ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS and the FPGA training center PLC2, is addressing that progress across all major manufacturers. It focusses on user-oriented, practically applicable solutions that developers can quickly integrate into their own everyday work. At this year’s event, one focus is on the energy efficiency of flexible logic devices. This applies in particular to small, low-power components that rely on special production techniques or deliberately have only a limited number of programmable cells.

FPGA Conference 2023 Logo

At the start of 2023, we launched our 5.0 wave of products, including our fastest Verilog compiler ever, a fully-functional Sigasi Studio for VS Code, and a brand new CI/CD command line tool, Veresta.

Sigasi’s new instruments enhance overall performance in accuracy and processing efficiencies, while crucially offering seamless integration with previous releases and existing projects. Come to visit us during the conference and see for yourself. Our engineers will be happy to discuss your needs and will be able to give you a demo of our entirely reworked improved Sigasi Studio for Eclipse, of our NEW VS Code extension, and of Sigasi Veresta.

Would you like to find out more about our new products and talk to some of the engineers behind them? Then make sure to stop at our booth sometime during the FPGA Conference 2023!