Use Sigasi Studio with Your Open Source Projects

Sigasi supports the open source community. We already are contributing to the open source software projects we’re using ourselves. After all, without open source projects like Eclipse, there would be no Sigasi Studio.

Since Sigasi targets hardware development, we also want to empower designers working on open source hardware projects.

A new Open Source Program: everybody is an XPRT

Whether developing in VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog or a mix of these languages, Sigasi tools understand the entire context of your projects. Advanced features such as intelligent autocomplete, code refactoring, and automatic documentation will make your development easier, more efficient, and much faster. Sigasi also integrates with several FPGA and ASIC tools.

We want to make the adoption of Sigasi Studio easier so that open source projects can improve faster. Sigasi Studio shortens the feedback loop: trivial errors are avoided and designers can focus on the concepts of hardware design while Sigasi Studio assists to write correct syntax and code. Sigasi Studio is a must-have tool for all modern-day digital designers.

With our Sigasi Studio XPRT version, you will have access to all of our features such as

  • Mixed language projects
  • Advanced linting
  • Net search
  • Integration with external tools
  • Powerful visual feedback tools
  • Visualisation of your HDL code

Let us learn from you

For Open Source licenses, talkback will be enabled. This is a Sigasi Studio service that automatically collects metadata about how Sigasi Studio is used. This metadata is sent to Sigasi through a secure connection. This will let us determine which features are heavily used and helps in planning which kind of features are valuable for you as a Sigasi Studio user, so that we can adjust our product roadmap. We collect performance statistics that we can relate to the project sizes. Together with our in-house performance tests, this helps us keep the Sigasi Studio compiler and user interface fast. We reduce software errors by collecting incident reports from a wide range of use cases.

Sigasi uses the information transmitted by Talkback for product planning and development. We use it for deciding which features to focus on and improve, for finding and fixing bugs and for finding and fixing performance issues. The end result is that you can use an ever-improving Sigasi Studio.

Request your free Open Source License

Are you an individual contributor of a publicly available project that is licensed under an open source license like the CERN Open Hardware License V2 (OHL)? Then you can use Sigasi Studio XPRT - with talkback enabled - for free on this project.

Apply for your free license through the form on our website. Don’t forget to add a link to where we can find your project. We’ll have a look at your project before approving your license request.

Next to this new Open Source program, we already have a longstanding educational program used by 1500+ educational institutions and sent out 7500+ educational licenses. Read more about our educational XPRT program here or request your educational license on this page. For Academic Research, we have a special pricing that can be requested at

Do you want to give back?

We are always looking for interesting technical articles to be published on our Insights website. Contact us to contribute your articles, opinions, testimonials, user feedback or support issues … at

Open-source-hardware-logo: Mateo Zlatar, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons