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Sigasi Introduces Software Development Kit for Electronic Design Automation Tools

Development kit improves productivity, focus, and quality for end users

Ghent, Belgium, July 1, 2020Sigasi, a leading developer of HDL design solutions, today announced Sigasi’s Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers of third party electronic design automation (EDA) tools. Any commercial EDA vendor can now add state-of-the-art modern editor features to their tools. This also applies to large design or verification teams with in-company tools. Sigasi has been developing a unique editor-focused code analyzer for Verilog, VHDL, and SystemVerilog, which excels in dealing with incomplete (and even broken) code. The Sigasi SDK offers a fast feedback loop to developers while they are coding. This greatly improves the productivity, focus, satisfaction, and quality perception of the entire EDA tool used by FPGA or ASIC design/verification engineers using VHDL, Verilog, or SystemVerilog.

“We founded Sigasi in 2008 with a mission to redefine digital design. Our Integrated Design Environment (IDE), Sigasi Studio, is now the tool of choice for many hardware engineers in very diverse industries,” said CTO and co-founder of Sigasi, Hendrik Eeckhaut. “In a fast-changing world, engineers need to be able to rely on design and verification tools they can trust. It makes sense to offer our features to other EDA tools and continue to build strong partnerships that offer value to our end-users.”

The SDK has already caught the attention of companies looking to bring greater efficiencies into their design processes.

“When we reached out to Sigasi in 2018, we were looking for new best-in-class HDL editing features for our Vivado Design Suite,” says Robert Shortt, Distinguished Engineer at Xilinx, Inc. “I was happy to learn they were already working on a Sigasi Language Server based on the Language Server Protocol. After a cooperative integration effort, we are happy to now be able to offer Sigasi features to Vivado users.”

“We are pleased to be working with Xilinx on integrating the Sigasi SDK into their Vivado Design Suite,” explained Bob Seghers, General Manager of Sigasi. “We are working with several other companies in building strong partnerships that add real value to engineers. This means we take all technical and business steps very thoroughly and want to fully understand the needs of our partners to better benefit the engineers.”

The Sigasi SDK is written in Java and runs as a separate process. It will never slow down the third-party tool’s responsiveness and offers an expansive list of features:

  • Detect problems in the code, while you type, exactly where the problems occur, even when there are multiple problems at once
  • Offer context-sensitive autocomplete for keywords and identifiers
  • Calculate code folding ranges
  • Provide hovers (tool tips) with more information about the code
  • Provide the declaration location of identifiers (“Go to definition”)
  • Find references to any declaration
  • Calculate semantic highlighting information
  • Automatically improve the formatting (“beautify”) of source files (and selections)
  • Automatically rename identifiers project wide

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Sigasi will exhibit at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) being held virtually July 20 – 24, 2020. Visit Sigasi at its virtual booth July 20 – 22 from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PDT or to set up a private demo, please contact

About Sigasi

Sigasi was founded in 2008 in Belgium to provide the benefits of an Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) to hardware designers. The company’s Sigasi Studio platform improves productivity for hardware designers and is used worldwide by industry leaders in the fields of healthcare, consumer electronics, industrial automation, telecom, aerospace, and defense. Sigasi Studio provides design teams with interfaces to the most popular EDA design tools with automated compilation and simulation. Sigasi has various partnerships with FPGA and EDA companies including Intel, Xilinx and Aldec. Sigasi is headquartered in Belgium (Europe) and has various sales partners worldwide. For more information visit:

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