Say Hello to Sigasi 5.5

UVM has arrived and VS Code keeps getting better

Today, we’re delighted to release Sigasi 5.5—which brings UVM to the stage and adds our most-loved features to our VS Code extension—but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With this release, Sigasi 5.5 does the following:

  • Brings brand-new UVM Topology Features to VS Code and Eclipse.
  • Adds Quick Fixes, Class Hierarchy, Net Search, and the Documentation View to our VS Code extension.
  • Contains CSV Compilation Order Export and Per-project Formatting Settings that can be shared across a team.

Sigasi UVM diagram example

Across Sigasi’s Product Line
Unless otherwise indicated in the release notes, improvements in new releases apply to Sigasi Studio for Eclipse, Sigasi’s VS Code extension, and the Sigasi Veresta CI/CD linter.