Press Release - Gentbrugge, 1 September 2023

Sigasi Appoints Dirk Seynhaeve as VP Business Development

Sigasi, the global leader in upfront verification and real-time insight for chip design, is thrilled to welcome Dirk Seynhaeve as Vice President of Business Development. Dirk brings an impressive track record of achievement, a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and needs, a passion for customer success, and exceptional leadership qualities. With a strong background and hands-on experience in the hardware design of both ASICs and FPGAs, combined with software development expertise for a variety of applications in a rich set of hardware development markets, he is poised to drive Sigasi’s growth to new heights.

In his role, Dirk will lead Sigasi’s business development efforts, focusing on identifying new opportunities for expansion, cultivating valuable partnerships, and enhancing the company’s market presence.

Dirk Seynhaeve smiling into the camera in a relaxed way

“I’m delighted,” says Dieter Therssen, CEO of Sigasi, “that Dirk is joining us to help Sigasi boost its already impressive topline growth. With semiconductors on the agenda of global leadership and fuelling an accelerating AI revolution, the moment is here to step up our efforts and bring the benefits of our unique technology to an even broader customer base. As we continue to innovate and bring cutting-edge solutions to the market, Dirk Seynhaeve will play a pivotal role in forging strategic partnerships and driving our growth trajectory.”

Dirk Seynhaeve, who’s excited to join the dynamic team, explains, “The company’s commitment to innovation and its impressive history with FPGA end-users present incredible opportunities for growth. I am eager to collaborate with the team and contribute to the company’s strategic vision.”

Dirk will be based in Silicon Valley and start his role as VP for Business Development on Sept 1, 2023.