Sigasi Studio for HDL Design: a Tutorial at the FPGA Kongress

Sigasi is going to the FPGA-Kongress 2018


In Munich from Tuesday 12th until Thursday 14th of June

The focus of the FPGA – Congress is on user-friendly solutions that can be quickly integrated into your own development. Visitors benefit from the FPGA knowledge of the top 50  speakers from all over Europe, the US, and Japan on 8 topics with more than 110 technical presentations and hands-on tutorials.

A three-hour tutorial by Lieven Lemiengre on Tuesday June 12

Sigasi Studio is a tool for VHDL and SystemVerilog design entry and code comprehension. When writing code, Sigasi Studio assists in various ways. Sigasi Studio empowers you to focus on the creative part of the design process and helps you deal with the challenges of HDLs. Sigasi Studio is used by electronics engineers worldwide, in all fields of industry.

This tutorial will teach the skills to be a more productive hardware designer. We’ll show how to edit a single HDL file, how to set up a basic project configuration and how to structure your project using libraries. The talk will give tips and tricks on how to efficiently write and fix HDL code and how to navigate and search in projects.

Visit our booth

We are also present with a booth where we are available for your questions and remarks about FPGA and hardware design. Drop in when you are around, we have prepared some cool giveaways!

Go check out the full program on the website of the FPGA Kongress München.