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Strategic Partners

Aldec, Inc. is an industry-leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company delivering innovative design creation, simulation and verification solutions to assist in the development of complex FPGA, ASIC, SoC and embedded system designs. Sigasi is a proud partner of the Aldec Unite Program.
Xilinx uniquely enables applications that are both software defined and hardware optimized. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs. Sigasi is a proud member of the Xilinx Alliance Program.
Altra, an Intel company, is at the forefront of technology innovation, providing customers programmable solutions for leading-edge electronic systems that are shaping our modern world. Sigasi is a proud member of the Altera® Commitment to Cooperative Engineering Solutions (ACCESS) program.
The Electronic System Design Alliance, an international association of companies providing goods and services throughout the semiconductor design ecosystem, is a forum to address technical, marketing, economic, and legislative issues affecting the entire industry. Sigasi is a proud member of the ESD Alliance.

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