Sigasi Veresta

Veresta brings the trusted Sigasi technology to the command line.

Thanks to this, the Sigasi code checks are available for use in your CI/CD flow. The Sigasi checks can be used as part of a continuous integration, testing, and deployment approach.

The checks can serve as the gatekeeper for committing code to a master repository. Your entire team, regardless of the IDE they use or the language(s) they work in, will be able to double-check that warnings and errors have been dealt with, check permissions, project manage, and more, to ensure your entire project is working as it should.

With Sigasi Veresta for your CI/CD environment, your entire team can receive valuable error reports and monitor the quality of your main code repository.

Veresta can be integrated with existing CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub actions, SonarQube, etc… Check out our blogs for detailed examples.