Sigasi VS Code Extension

Sigasi Studio is available for Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Install the extension in your VS Code to enjoy improved productivity on your HDL projects.

Our VS Code extension can be installed from the Visual Studio marketplace.
Other installation options are available on our Download page.

Sigasi Studio on VS Code uses the same license as Sigasi Studio on Eclipse. The extension is built to work seamlessly with existing projects from Sigasi Studio on Eclipse. You have the option to freely choose the front-end you prefer to work on your projects.

If you are new to Sigasi, request your free 1-month trial license at

Visual Studio Code is the rising star in the source code editor arena. It combines the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling such as smart code completion, navigation, and type time code feedback. Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform, highly customizable development environment that supports numerous languages. Sigasi adds commercial-quality support for hardware description languages.

Check out the extensions’ README file on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Documentation for the Visual Studio Code extension is available on

Support for the VS Code extension is available through our regular support channel.